Variable Data Printing

A variable data content document solution aimed at simplifying and optimizing the creation, management and distribution of business documents. It allows organizations to communicate more effectively with their current customers as well as to quickly implement strategies and processes to respond to future needs.

It is easyto create or enrich variable content documents of any type; transactional, trans-promotional or promotional.

Creating Business Documents with Value

  • By integrating personalized content
  • Using trans promo marketing to up-sell and cross-sell

Workflow Automation

Banking Software

The software for banking industry has been developed by our partner and is specialized for processing and settlement of transactions. The product is designed and developed with modularity, configurability and flexibility for easy integration with other products and applications.

1. ExpressClear - An enterprise level payment presentment and settlement platform for a multi-location, multi- branch banking / financial institution. It enables process automation to paper based instruments (Cheques, Drafts, Claims, Forms etc.) to create a faster payment processing system by reducing processing time and improving operational efficiency.

2. ExpressACH - A payment presentment platform to enable creation, receipt and processing of large volume of repetitive electronic payment instructions for a multi-location, multi-branch banking organization.

3. ExpressSynalog - Rule Based Signature Verification - A rule based, intelligent system that evaluates conformance of pre-defined business rules for each account and enables manual (visual) verification of signatures from specimen signatures maintained in a centralized repository/master database.

4. ExpressSynalog - Automated Signature Verification - An advanced Adaptive Network-based Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) that performs feature extraction, classification, fuzzy membership function building and optimization for a given set of master signature templates.

5. ICE - A paradigm shift in conventional cheque processing, a native mobile capture application that enables a customer to deposit an item from anywhere, anytime! It eliminates the use of specialized cheque scanning hardware, usable by Bank branches / teller counters processing low volume of items - allowing use of the Smartphone as the truncating device. It is supported on Android & iOS mobile smartphones.

6. ExpressICR - "ExpressICR Engine - To enable reading of constrained handwritten/printed - digits and alphabets". ExpressICR engines are based on Deep Neural network recognizers that are trained to accurately recognize instances of highly variable patterns like handprint by exposing them to a multitude of examples of hand printed characters.