Discontinuation Notice: SmartSource Professional (2-pocket)
120 Documents Per Minute Models

Discontinuation Notice: SmartSource Professional (2-pocket) <br>120 Documents Per Minute Models
10 Jun 2021

120 Documents Per Minute Models
The SmartSource Professional (two-pocket) 120 dpm high-speed scanner is being phased out. Orders will be accepted through December 31, 2020 and delivered from inventory or manufactured per standard lead time. The 200 dpm model is the suggested replacement scanner, as it provides the same capabilities and is fully backward compatible (no API changes needed).
This discontinuation notice applies only to the 120 documents per minute (DPM) version of the SmartSource Professional two-pocket scanner as noted below. The 200 DPM version remains in production.

Please take note of the following part number to be retired:

Discontinued Part # Replacement Part #
SSP2120100-P20 SSP2200100-P20
Service Information

Digital Check will continue to provide service for SmartSource Professional scanners for at least four years from the purchase date of the unit. Note: The 120 DPM model is also mechanically equivalent to the 200 DPM model that is still in production, and shares common components. General Information

This notice applies only to the two-pocket SmartSource Professional.

For more information, contact support@digitalcheck.com, or call 847-446-2285 and ask for technical support.