Single-Feed Network Check Scanner

 Single-Feed Network Check Scanner
29 Apr 2019

Digital check's first single-feed scanner with network capabilities and optional single line endorser. Expert Micro Elite is an affordable compact device intended for remote deposit capture or specialty branch uses. It is ideal for banks and businesses using thin-client workstations or virtual desktop environments with the newly developed protocol of SecureLink 2.0.


Securelink2.0 allows banking applications to address a scanner from any device on a network, including PCs, handheld devices, and touchscreens.

Compact desktop and lower price make MicroElitesuitable for many situations where cost or size would be an issue for a high-speed device.

Thanks to this new API, SmartSource Expert Elite and Expert Micro Elite scanners can be operated using a standard web browser-based or conventional application.

The Expert Micro Elite adds Ethernet hardware and enhanced processing power to run key functions onboard the scanner itself  giving it the minimum PC installation profile and rendering it operating-system independent.

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